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Johnesha, the Founder and CEO of Healing for my Heels LLC, is the true epitome of a “Jill of All Trades”. She has excelled in all her roles as a Teacher, Tutor, Mother, Mentor, Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Make-Up Artist, Certified Sugaring Specialist, Engineer, Minister, Naval Officer, and Life Coach Trainee. 

The titles she holds are evidence of her heart of service to youth and women. As a teacher, she successfully chartered a new club—Sparkling Jewels Leadership Club—whose purpose was to spark Self-Awareness, Passion, Authenticity, Respect, and the desire to acquire Knowledge (SPARK) in the young women she taught and mentored. She started a young adult ministry whose mission was to take ministry beyond the four walls of the church in order to draw young adults to Christ through outreach, fellowship, and the word of God. Through this ministry, she also strived to create a community of

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Recently, Dominique was a houseguest on CBS’s Big Brother 19 and boldly took her faith into a house full of envy, revenge, lust, and rivalry. Realizing the potential impact of such an opportunity, she embraced the discomfort of the unknown to grasp what was familiar to her spirit. Her life story is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, rights and lefts that have all undoubtedly established her strong faith in the Lord. ​Dominique has been featured in numerous media outlets including Oprah Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, US Weekly, Entertainment Tonight (ET), ET Canada, TMZ, Knoxville News Sentinel, Parade,, The Inquisitr, AOL, Goldderby, Romper, New York Daily News, and Global. 

Acknowledged as the Global Encourager, Dominique Cooper encourages the world through motivational talks and inspirational products. Her selfless ambition is measureless; she is a writer, business-woman, reality tv personality, and advocate for STEM related pursuits. Dominique graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering. Shortly after landing her first job in the power industry, she pursued a Masters in Systems and Electrical Engineering at the historic Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama.  

young adult ministry whose mission was to take ministry beyond the four walls of the church in order to draw young adults to Christ through outreach, fellowship, and the word of God. Through this ministry, she also strived to create a community of young adults who empower each other to grow spiritually and reach their full potential in Christ. The young adults served others by tutoring the school-aged children and teens at the church, participating in community service events at a local women’s shelter, as well as planning and fellowshipping with other young adults in the community. Johnesha also volunteered as a mentor for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Nevada and Virginia for many years. As a young adult, Johnesha was a member of the Blue Pearl Flag Team, the Fort Valley State University Women's Tennis Team, and served as a tutor for the Tuskegee University Baseball Team. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, an organization whose heart is service to the community. She holds a dual-degree in Mathematics and Civil Engineering from Fort Valley State University and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, respectively. She followed her undergraduate studies with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University. Upon graduation, she began her career working as an engineer. She became a licensed cosmetologist during her time as an engineer in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers. Her leadership skills were employed further when she was chosen amongst many other potential candidates to serve in the Navy Reserves as an Engineering Duty Officer. She continued to build upon her natural leadership abilities as she served as the Executive Officer of her unit. Johnesha continues to be an example of excelling in the workplace while also walking fully in her purpose. She originally birthed Healing for my Heels in 2015 as an opportunity to grow alongside her friends on her journey “to be healed and free in order to walk confidently toward her destiny”. After multiple confirmations, she decided to turn it into a conference.  In the midst of the 2020 COVID pandemic, she began the prayer ministry, Prophetic Prayer Circle, and again tagged her friends in to come together in prayer and develop their prophetic gifts and calling. 

Shelette Wright is a wife, mother, educator, entrepreneur, and a warrior for God's Kingdom. Shelette has been blessed early in life to gain a true understanding of God's word, and continues to grow as a strong leader ministering to women. Sister Wright has served on several ministries including the Prophetic Prayer Circle Ministry, intercessory prayer team, praise team, women’s ministry and dance ministry, as she embraces her call as a mouthpiece for the Lord.

As a Master Hair Stylist with over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry, Sister Wright is the owner and founder of Love Beyond the Chair Beauty Studio. She considers her business to be Kingdom Business that God has allowed her to steward to openly do the work of the Lord. She always felt the Holy Spirit leading her to pray and


encourage others, but it was in her profession as a cosmetologist that she heard God call her. With the help of the Holy Spirit Sister Wright says, "God allows me to see, feel and speak what’s needed in my clients, friends and family." She doesn't take it lightly that God has put her in a place to love, advocate, pray, fight and war for others. It is through her business that God allows her to love, strengthen and build kingdom relationships. Sister Wright is also an educator. She was one of the lead instructors at Spectrum Beauty Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. She has sponsored and mentored aspiring stylists with a servant’s heart and a loving hand. Sister Shelette Wright is a lover, bondservant, disciple and defender of His word. She wholeheartedly believes that the love of God conquers all. Sister Wright is a General in God's Army and understands Spiritual Warfare at its core. Her faith is what sustains her as a loving wife, mother and a sister to all of us.

Brave, confident and loving are all attributes that describe Kimberly Harvey.  She is a mighty woman of God whose life’s mission is to encourage, ignite and unite people. She is a fire starter for women and men, both young and seasoned.  Kimberly was raised in the Fredericksburg/King George County, Virginia area. Her upbringing was one full of love and fun, but also discovery.  Like many, her family has experienced generational issues; but love conquers all. Kim has always been considered the most unique amongst her siblings, especially with her perspectives.   Beginning at a young age, she recognized God’s presence in her dream life, which has continued to mature over the years. Through the years, Kim’s faith was strengthened and encouraged by her dad, who has always told her that “All things are possible with God!”


Ms. Harvey recently rededicated her life to Christ and was baptized in 2018.  From there she joined a women’s bible study group at her church and began her journey to seek purpose and grow closer to God.  She is now serving in the Prophetic Prayer Circle and is growing in her prophetic gifting with other remarkable women of God! This ministry has given her the opportunity to discover her purpose and her role in the kingdom. She has been able to use the gift God has blessed her with to be a blessing to others.  As she continues to grow and discover her purpose, secret treasures are unlocked and she is pushed and stretched to new heights and dimensions. Kimberly has 10+ years of experience supporting the Department of the Navy.  She is currently a Financial Management Analyst and is pursuing a degree in Business Management. Her future aspirations include entrepreneurship, authoring a book and starting a Podcast entitled Intentionally Me.

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Brittney Collins-Jefferson is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a proud mother of 5 beautiful children: 4 strong sons and 1 exquisite daughter. Brittney has been married for nearly a decade and lives by the notion that marriage is the greatest example and testament of God’s love for another person. She has always been a natural born lover, helper, and protector. Brittney’s journey through life has taught her to have unwavering faith for God’s promises. Brittney completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s of Social Work at the University of Nevada Las Vegas,

and in 2015, became a licensed Clinician for mental health and substance use conditions. Brittney is a successful entrepreneur, a visionary who has always dreamed greater than what her eyes could physically see. She serves as the CEO of Restorative Health and Life Counseling in Nevada and the COO of MHS Behavioral Services, Inc., a Counseling and Applied Behavioral Analysis Treatment Center in Colorado.Brittney’s entrepreneurial gift inspired her to recognize and explore her ministerial calling.  Brittney has an Apostolic and Prophetic calling by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. While Brittney grew up in the church from a young age, she didn’t choose to sincerely begin walking with Christ and developing her foundation of discipleship until her early 20’s. 2019 marked a year of breakthrough for Brittney when God began to transform her spiritual relationship with Him and began developing her spiritual gifts at a precipitous rate. God has gifted Brittney with the ability to communicate His word in a practical, yet dynamic teaching. Brittney incorporates her counseling style to meet a person exactly where they are in the moment to help provide revelation to God’s request for their life. Brittney is enjoying the journey of life and her relationship with Christ. She desires to bring more to His kingdom to experience the excellence of who He is.

Jaya Demmons is first and foremost a worshiper of God; her other gifts include prophecy and dream interpretation. Her gifts began cultivating as a child raised by a praying grandmother. She walked into spiritual destiny in 2006 by way of praise dance ministry. From there she learned the dynamics of praise and worship through dance and led a dance ministry at a local church for five years. Jaya was led to create her own outreach ministry called Beyond The Barrier. This ministry consists of praise dance, community ministry and testimonial narrative productions. Prophetic dance has been one of
Jaya’s strengths; she has been able to tell the time of the season through dance ministry. Many people have been confirmed in their spirit through pieces ministered by Beyond the Barrier. There was a huge need to help other dance ministries excel in their craft so Jaya saw this as an opportunity to write a book and give a visual manual to guide those through the process. This book entitled “Advance in Kingdom Dance” has served to benefit many statewide! Jaya’s desire and passion for outreach extended to the homeless community. Feeding the homeless became a


reciprocated desire for both her and the people she is blessed to serve. She needed them as much as they needed her!

Jaya is a natural entrepreneur. She believes in earning multiple streams of income because “one should have more than just Plan A!” Recently she opened her own day spa in Las Vegas and has already serviced hundreds of clients. Her spa is also a place of ministry; the services provided minister to the soul and uplift self-esteem. It is a place where clients are treated like royalty and can engage in captivating conversation. Her spa is designed to inspire the dream of entrepreneurship by encouraging employees to achieve their broader dream of owning a salon, teaching, creating a mobile service, or whatever they desire. She is preparing her technicians for something bigger and greater by helping them move beyond the barrier of fear, doubt and hopelessness in their career, and push them to prosperity, destiny and faith!   Jaya has also worked in network marketing for the past seven years within the travel industry. This has been a tool to help her meet so many people and touch lives across the nation. She is a firm believer of creating residual income to supply the needs of her family consistently and for longevity. All in all Jaya wears multiple hats and enjoys every part of it. Her passion is to help others and cultivate gifts.

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Patrice Jones is a Wife, Mother, Educator, Speaker, Conference Host, and soon to be Author. Anointed to empower, educate and provoke change, God is using Patrice to challenge women, teenagers, and children to build their best lives through Christ.  

As a speaker, Patrice addresses business and social groups, women’s ministries, and universities.  Due to her leadership experience in both post-secondary education and corporate business environments, she specializes in the assessment and revamping of resources and strategies to provide vision, strategic planning, improving efficiency, effectiveness, and delivery. 

Patrice is also the founder of Next Level HeartWork, Inc a 501c(3) non-profit organization that supports middle and high school students.  The organization offers college and career prep workshops and scholarships.  Patrice has a B.A in Justice Studies and M. Ed in Adult Education and Training.

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