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character is BEAUTY

Has life knocked you down and the thought of trying again seems overwhelming? Does it appear easier to give up and live life in contentment with whatever is thrown at you? Has the spark of purpose that once drove you to create opportunities died in you? Well, the 5 authors of this book will tell you about how the journey of life isn't always as planned or expected, but there's beauty awaiting in our trials of fire. 


Rejection, Identity, Shame, Trust and Grace are life experiences that participate in the creation of your character. Your experience with each will have an impact on the way you see yourself and the way you present yourself to the world. DON'T STOP NOW! GET UP! GET UP WITHOUT FEAR! PURPOSE AWAITS ON THE INSIDE OF YOU! 


Character is Beauty is a collection of 5 brief stories that journey through 5 women’s lives. The authors discuss how they conquered some tough situations in their lives, and how their life experiences brought them closer to God.

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