About H4MH

Johnesha began working to build her self-confidence in 2015 after the realization that the absence of it hindered her forward progression. She recognized that many people deal with insecurities that can hold them back from pursuing the life of their dreams, so she decided to partner with her friends on this journey. Along with Dominique Cooper, she led a monthly small group at their home where they covered topics such as forgiveness and insecurities. They recognized that through healing and freedom, women would be able to gain the confidence they needed to confidently move forward. 

Five years later, after gaining more life experience and receiving multiple confirmations, Johnesha decided to develop a conference. She partnered with the women she coins her “starting five” to turn this dream into a reality! Johnesha’s vision is to guide women towards healing and freedom so they can walk confidently toward their destiny. Women will get the opportunity to gain confidence internally through workshops focused on many of the areas that women struggle with as well as externally with pampering services. Her heart’s desire is for women to leave the conference not only feeling good on the inside but also looking good on the outside! 

In the midst of COVID-19, the debut was via a virtual conference. Stay connected for future updates.





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In the midst of COVID-19, churches were shut down across the country. Johnesha recognized the void caused by the absence of community. Churches were streaming online and there were mass prayer services online. However, that could not make up for the need that people had for individual prayer, especially during such unsure times. People were looking for prayer, encouragement, and a word from God to help them get through such trying times.

In order to fill that void, Johnesha partnered with her “starting five” whose common thread was their gift in prophesy. They began to hold weekly zoom calls and spend time praying and sharing the word of God with those who were in need. Please feel free to sign up if you are looking for prayer and a word from God.